Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today is a full moon and it was in full effect at school today.  The kids were crazy!  Even the ones that are usually calm.  One of the kids in question in a kindergartner with Down's Syndrome.  She is usually pretty good, but today she was in a serious funk.  About the only thing that she would say all day was "NO!"  The kids were all clingy today as well.  I got more hugs today than I normally do in a week!  Oh well...  

I managed to get the baby sweater that I made for the kiddo's teacher to her today.  She is due near the end of next month, but she looks like she is about to pop.  I hope the sweater fits at some point.  It looks a little big for new born, but the baby is due in the spring.  Maybe it will fit this fall.  

Time to get the kiddo off to bed and then my hot water bottle and I are going to spend some quality time with the TV.

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