Monday, August 18, 2008

The blast of summer

Well, it has been a long time since I posted. It has been a blur this summer. The kiddo finished first grade with flying colors, we spent 2 weeks in the pacific northwest, did football camp and CSI camp, spent a week at the beach in Rhode Island, and now we are getting ready for school to start back up!

The trip to the northwest was wonderful. We got to reconnect with some old friends and make some new ones at Oregon Suzuki Institute. The kiddo had a great time playing and learning with a ton of other Suzuki violin kids. When Institute was over, we went to Mt. Rainier for a couple of days and got to do some hiking and exploring. It was really fun.

We just got back from a week at my aunt and uncle's beach house in Little Compton, Rhode Island. We had a fantastic time. The entire Kelsey family was there... My sister, Aunt Caroline, Uncle Peter, his wife and 2 teenagers, and the 3 of us. We ate good food, swam in the ocean, played bocce on the lawn and collected a lot of rocks on the beach. A good time was had by all.

This week was a momentous week for me. I won first prize at the county fair for my kauni sweater and second prize for a shawl that I made for Ben's mom for Christmas. The prizes were $6 and $4 respectively! Oh, what will I do with my $10?


Jan said...

Not big money, but a lot of fun to win!

Jan from guild (and intake day at the fair)

Joanna said...

Hi - we met at Fall Fiber Festival. I was one of the monitors at the competition tent. We are still talking about your wonderful sweater here in Richmond, and the biggest thing we would like to know is, how much did the finished sweater weigh? Do you remember how many yards you started with ( or ounces ). Some of us would like the challenge of designing a sweater, but are unsure about quantity of yarn needed. Do you have a favorite pattern you would suggest as a jumping off point? One of us wants to do a sweater, and one a vest.

We don't quite understand about the Kauni, When it comes on a cone or in a ball, is the color progression always the same? I know you start knitting at different points, but how much adjustment does one make in deciding that? I remember you saying you bought your from Europe, and that it was 2 cones. I went to their site, and when they show x amount of ounces, they are showing multiple skeins grouped together, is that price for all those skeins, or is that just a picture to show the colors in the skein?

I know this is lots of questions, but we are really interested in this as a project and nowhere can we find this information. You can contact me at rootjoanna at comcast dot net.