Monday, July 30, 2007

A new old hat...

Well folks here is the story... My father in law has this very old hat that he bought in college that is white with a bright orangish red stripe and a pom-pom on top. He wears it when he goes running. It is pretty ratty looking, so I decided that the perfect christmas present for him would be a reproduction of the hat. I started it a few days ago... White and bright red Encore worsted weight yarn in a brioche rib. It looks really great so far. (Pictures to follow if I can find the camera!) I just hope that he likes it! Of course, I will have to wait until Christmas to find out since no one wants a hat to run in in July in Virginia. It is just too hot! Today it is about 85 degrees and so humid that I was afraid to take my book outside for fear that the pages would start curling!

Today was the first day of the kiddo's soccer camp week. He seemed to have a lot of fun, although it was marred a bit by a bout of separation anxiety. I am not sure how to reassure him that I will in fact ALWAYS come back to pick him up at the right time. I guess we will just have to be patient with each other.

Friday, July 20, 2007

It is DONE!

The Jockey Sweater is offically done! It looks great with shark print pajamas too! Now we just have to wait for fall...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An eight on the sleeve, just like Street Sense!

The jockey sweater is progressing. Maybe a couple more days to finish the second sleeve and do the seams. The kiddo really likes the 8 on the sleeve. He tells me that he wanted an eight because that is what Street Sense's rider had in the Kentucky Derby. I can only assume that it is true since I am not willing to go searching for the answer!

It will really look great once the seams are in! I can't wait until this fall so he can actually wear it! Of course, the fact that it was 93 degrees and 85% humidity today makes me wish for fall that much harder...

My Lorna's laces socks are not getting too much work done lately, they are mostly a car project and I have been doing most of the driving the last week or so. Someday soon they will have toes! I like the yarn though... It is a colorway called Pioneer, but I think it looks like peanut butter cups!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The kiddo cooks!

We went to see Ratatouille over the weekend and ever since, the kiddo has wanted to cook things. He has a great kids cookbook "Pretend Soup" by Molly Katzen and today he was reading it before breakfast and found this recipe:

Bagel Faces!

The actual recipe calls for things like bell peppers and olives and cherry tomatoes, but this fruit version was a big breakfast hit! Strawberries for eyes and nose, peach slices for mouth and eyebrows! He even ate the whole thing! Of course, my thought about it was what would my vegetarian friend who will only eat food without a face think of this...

The Jockey sweater is still rolling along. One sleeve is done, and the 8 is stitched on in duplicate stitch. The other sleeve is about half way there. I finished the hand dyed socks that were made with the really cool blue, purple and teal handdyed yarn on the Oregon trip so, of course, I had to buy more sock yarn. I got 3 pairs worth of Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock at the shop where I used to work and stared the first pair on the trip. They are brown and tan and look like peanut butter cups! So far I like them a lot. I will post pictures tomorrow! I want to get a pic of the kiddo with the mostly done sweater on.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fencing with the kiddo.

This week was fencing camp for the kiddo. Never has there been a more hilarious thing to watch. Imagine, if you will, 5 fairly average five and six year olds, playing duck-duck-goose with weapons and full fencing costume. The camp was very basic fencing skills taught with Nerf sabres (thank god for foam!). The kids spent most of their time playing games like Simon Says and Red Light-Green Light with fencing moves, but my favorite part was duck-duck-goose. The kids whacked the other kids on the head with the sword as they went around the circle, then the kid who was IT had to fence the Goose around the circle without getting hit with the sabre. It was a hoot to watch. Everyday, near the end of the class, the activity brokedown into all the kids viciously attacking the instructor. Apparently, the kiddo is hooked. He got out Daddy's old foil from college fencing and was lunging all around the back yard this evening for "Practice"!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back from Oregon

No posts for the past couple of weeks as we were on vacation in Oregon. We had a great time! The kiddo and I spent a week at the Oregon Suzuki Institute perfecting his violin playing and then my hubby arrived in time for the final concert at camp. It is a truly thrilling thing to see your little guy up on stage with about 200 other violinists all playing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in unison! A good time was had by all and we got to spend a week with some amazing teachers and catch up with friends from last year.

After camp we headed to McMinnville to see old friends and old haunts. Of course there was a joyous reunion with all the girls at Boersma's Knitting Basket, where I worked before the big move east. The kiddo and I even spent a day teaching the girls to dye yarn with food coloring...

The set up in the unused top floor of the Boersma's store in McMinnville.

The kiddo helping mix up a batch of food color dye.

One of the final products...

We made it through 10 skeins of yarn and a ton of Wilton's dye without staining the floor. Needless to say, we all had blue and pink hands, and the kiddo had a few blue freckles! I have no idea what those gals are going to do with all of that lovely stuff... 10 mis-matched hand dyed skeins of worsted weight wool... but I can't wait to see!

The visit to McMinnville also included visits with old friends and a reunion picnic in the old neighborhood, which featured meeting the new owners of our old house and finding that the kiddo's height marks were still on the door frame in the pantry. We transfered the height marks to some paper to bring home (we had done it once before, but alas, that was the only thing that got lost in the move...) It was great to see all the old neighbors and the house again.

After a few days we were ready for adventure so we packed up and headed to Mt. Hood. We spent the 4th of July playing in the snow above Timberline Lodge and stayed there for the night. Timberline is one of the very few places that you can ski year round so we were able to watch skiers and snowboarders while we hiked! The next day we went back down the mountain by way of Hood River, OR (famous as the spot that John Kerry took a day off of campaigning to wind surf). We stopped at one of the kiddo's favorite spots, Bonneville Dam and visited the dam, navigation lock and fish hatchery there. It is really neat to see since it is a HUGE dam and this was the first visit that we have made where there were fish in the fish ladder! Lots of Shad and a few Steelhead and Salmon too!

It is nice to be home but we all miss Oregon. It was hard to come back to the Virginia summer, but since we were met at the airport by adoring grandparents, we will all survive just fine...